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Day Care Flyer – Creating One To Catch Eyes

As a day care owner, you more than likely have a lot of local competition that requires you to continuously be on top of your advertising and promoting. Using media such as a day care flyer is a great way to attract new clients to your business however in order for this type of advertising media to be effective you’ll need to know how to design your day care flyer so that it is able to catch attention. It’s also important that your flyer is posted in locations where it will be seen. What good is a perfectly designed flyer if no one notices it?

Below are some helpful tips and tricks to keep in mind when you are drafting and finalizing the flyer for your day care:

  1. Colors – Color is known to catch people’s eyes. If you want potential clients to see your day care flyer, you’re going to have to give their eyes reason to look at it let alone notice it. One of the easiest ways to do this is through the use of colors. When it comes to flyers, there are many different ways to use colors to your advantage. One idea is to use colored background paper instead of white paper to print your flyers. This way your flyers will stand out from those that use duller colors. Try to use colors that are eye-catching but still allow for easy reading. You don’t want to use colors that place any type of strain on the eyes. Neon and primary colored papers are known to catch eyes.
    1. You can also use color within the text of your flyer. On your day care flyer you can use a blue background and a paired colored font such as green. In any case it’s important that the color of text you choose is easily read. You don’t want to use colors that are overly light or bright. Stick to darker blues, greens, and reds for text that is readable yet still attention grabbing.
  2. Fonts – Besides the use of different colors, different fonts can also be used as a way to attract attention to your flyer. Using websites such as DaFont and UrbanFonts you can find all sorts of fonts that are extremely unique. These fonts will surely allow your day care flyer to stand out from any others that may be posted. Be sure that the font you choose is still legible but make sure it’s different from a font some other day care might use. It’s also helpful to use no more than two different fonts throughout the flyer. This means you could use a flashy font to advertise your day care’s name but use a more subtle font for the rest of the flyer.
  3. Graphics – Graphics are another visual aid that will help get more eyes focused towards your day care flyers. Graphics should relate to anything and everything day care such as graphics of children playing, books, toys, etc. Online you can find plenty of free graphics to use on your flyer. Graphics could also include pictures of your actual day care, this way parents get an idea of what the day care looks like before making a visit there. A well designed and equipped day care that looks like an ideal place for children is sure to attract the business you want.
  4. Extras – Besides colors, fonts, and pictures, your day care flyer must have a visible name of your business, contact information, and any discounts that you want to advertise. Be sure potential customers have a way of contacting you either by phone or through email. Including your day care website is also a good idea as parents can browse photos and see pricing from the comfort of their home.

Other Types of Media for Advertising Your Day Care

While flyers are an excellent way to advertising your day care, there are plenty of other media types that can be used that will allow you to attract even more attention towards your day care. Consider the following to increase your number of potential customers:

  • Postcards
  • Business Cards
  • Pamphlets

Using day care flyers with another type of advertising media is a surefire way to get your business attention and customers!

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