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Hiring Daycare Staff – Picking Well-Rounded Employees

A daycare’s success not only relies upon proper marketing and proper budget planning but also a well-rounded staff that runs and maintains the business at hand. Hiring daycare staff is an important step for any daycare owner as the staff members are those who mainly shape the name, face, and reputation of the business. Having a staff of workers that you can depend on is something that all child care business owners should have. The staff you choose should be experienced, extremely responsible, and willing to work with children of all ages and types.

But, before any child care owner can make the first moves for hiring daycare staff, you’ll need to know how and where you can find eligible applicants. Nowadays there is a variety of methods to posting job advertisements. The method that you use to hire daycare staff into your business is solely dependent upon your personal preferences though most owners will find that targeting applicants from a variety of directions provides the best results and the largest turn out.

Knowing Where To Find Employees

One of the easiest ways to find a staff for your child care center is through personal recruiting. With personal recruiting you will directly contact possible hires at a variety of locations including local colleges and child care fairs. Many colleges host students who are undertaking a degree in childhood education, childhood development, or other related majors. You could also hire new employees through word of mouth referrals. If you know someone who has a friend who has experience in childcare, don’t pass up the possibility. Sometimes word of mouth referrals are the best.

Aside from personal recruiting, you could also decide to post job advertisements. Job advertisements can be run in local newspapers, newsletters, flyers, and any other type of print media. In today’s highly technical world, daycare owners will also want to advertise available positions online on websites such as Monster and Indeed. For a more localized route using websites like Craigslist is also an available option for hiring daycare staff.

Picking The Right Employees

Once you have your job advertisements posted with a proper job description, you can then move onto narrowing down your applicants. You may find that you have plenty of eager applicants who are looking to fill the positions at hand but in order to ensure you are hiring the best staff possible there are some definite qualities you’ll want to look for when hiring a daycare staff. Consider the following:

  • Education – First and foremost you will want to hire those applicants that have an education relevant to children. Hiring a biology major won’t do you any good. Instead, narrow down your results by interviewing only those who have education in anything child related. This way you’ll know that the applicant already has the knowledge needed in order to understand children and their mood changes, behavior, and so on.
  • Experience – Real world experience is also a must. While any applicant can have a degree in childhood development, ensuring that the applicant has experience working with children is entirely different. Anyone can read about children but working with them is a whole new feat. Be sure that the applicant has experience in working with a variety of children of all ages. If your daycare plans to look after infants, be sure at least two of your applicants have this experience.
  • Personality – Many times first impressions last forever. You’ll want to choose employees who have personalities that are suitable for working with children. Traits such as patience, responsibility, enthusiasm, creativity, nurturing, and others should all be sought in a daycare employee. The staff you choose to run your daycare should be very child friendly. Applicants with short tempers or those who lack the needed responsibility definitely should not be considered.

While it’s hard to determine an applicant’s personality in just one interview, making use of the listed personal references can help tremendously.

  • Background – Background checks are a must do for anyone who will be working around children. A background check will ensure that the applicant has a clean record and has not been involved in serious crime in the past. Steer clear of any applicant with a record that isn’t nearly spotless. While a driving infraction shouldn’t be one to worry about, a conviction of drug use or alcohol abuse is definitely worth noting. Keep an eye out for any sexual or abuse offenses as well.

Hiring a daycare staff is an important part of running and maintaining a healthy, safe, and successful daycare. Remember that the staff you hire will be completely the ones who set the tone for your business. If you want to maintain a reputable daycare that is widely praised by many, put forth a lot of time and effort on hiring the best daycare staff possible.

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