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Marketing Your Day Spa

Expert advice on how to gain more clients and build your Day Spa

Getting Nail Salon Customers

Nail salons are just one of the millions of businesses that are run in today’s world. If you are a nail salon owner, you are probably well aware that your business’ success relies 99% on the amount of nail salon customers you are able to obtain and keep as repeat visitors. Without customers a nail salon would fall flat – quickly. If you are opening a new nail salon, now is a great time to determine effective ways to ensure that customers continue to come through the doors. While there is no shortage of ways to do this, below are successful means of getting nail salon customers:

Find local affiliates and partner businesses

Having businesses that you can affiliate and partner with is extremely important. This is something that can be done online though a nail salon will more than likely see greater success by affiliating their business name locally and in person. If your nail salon is located in a shopping center or in a location where other businesses are run, it’s never a bad idea to network with them. Networking can be as simple as displaying your business card at the affiliated business’ location and vice versa. This way a larger number of eyes are able to come across your business’ name. Visibility is a must have.

Business cards and other types of advertising

Even though they are quite old fashioned, business cards still have their place in advertising. If you want to gain nail salon customers, try something as simple as passing out business cards or having them displayed at various locations so that those interested have easy access to your salon’s name, address, and contact information. Find ways to add a special touch and look to the business cards so that they are eye-catching.

Aside from using business cards to advertise, you can also submit your business’ name to local and country-wide directories. Try using websites such as and There are also plenty of other online directories that can be used as a place to advertise your salon. These directories generally also allow customers to review your business. With positive reviews you’ll attract more business.

Coupons and discounts

If your nail salon decides to advertise in a local newspaper or newsletter, another great way to attract nail salon customers is to offer them discounts. This could be something as simple as “10% off your first appointment” or “10% off manicures on Fridays.” The idea is to save customers money to encourage them to come to your salon. The more perks your salon offers, the higher chance you have of catching the interest of those local to your business.

Once your business starts to experience regular customers, setting up a referral program is ideal. Encourage customers to spread word of your salon to neighbors, friends, and family members. Those who do will receive a discount.

Social Media Marketing – Show Off Your Business

Even though a nail salon is not the type of business that specifically requires a web presence, having one is an effective way of getting nail salon customers. Since almost everyone uses the Internet for one reason or another, having your nail salon’s name known online can only help boost the amount of customers who come to your business. Social media marketing is important in today’s world since people from all over the country make use of popular websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Myspace, and many others. By using these websites, you can reach out to locals, specifically women, and encourage them to visit your nail salon. As with any business, the more people that know the name of your nail salon, the higher chance you have of attracting new customers.

Online you will want to set up a website that offers details about your nail salon. This can include contact information, a listing of the nail services you provide such as manicures, pedicures, waxing, etc. as well as a price list and pictures of work done at your salon.

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