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Marketing Your Personal Training Business

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Starting a Personal Training Business: The Top 10 Tips for a Successful Boot Camp

Starting a personal training business and need to amp up your repertoire and boost your income? Start a boot camp! This is a popular trend among fitness enthusiasts and personal trainers, and it is a great way for trainers starting a personal training business to gain clients. By design, boot camp is intense interval training that relies on the basics of physical fitness, using little to no equipment, and offers clients a quick way to boost their fitness levels while increasing your income potential.

Boot camps have low overhead, and most of the equipment you need to develop exercises or obstacle courses can be found on trails, in parks, on the beach, or even your own backyard – which means your unique brand of motivation and training abilities is the priceless hook that will keep clients and generate referrals. These programs also create a sense of community for exercisers of varying fitness levels and inspire people to work together to reach their fitness goals.

A properly marketed and run program that provides results is a win-win for seasoned trainers, those starting a personal training business, and their clients. Here are 10 great tips for running a successful boot camp:

  1. Establish your qualifications and get certification in group training. Check out the National Exercise Trainers Association for a group certification.
  2. Know the exercise habits of your potential clients and offer convenient classes for all types of schedules: early morning, lunch and evening.
  3. Use seasonal motivation to market and fill up your classes: New Year’s resolution boot camp, Bridal boot camp, spring training, or holiday maintenance.
  4. Set goals for your clients and be their fitness advocate. Evaluate fitness levels, and offer modifications for all levels in the class. Make sure to inquire about and address any medical conditions participants in your class might have.
  5. Vary your routines to keep participants interested. Visit for exercise trails in your area and change up your boot camp venue.
  6. Market online. Anyone starting a personal training business cannot ignore the marketing power of the Internet. Use social media for networking such as Twitter and Facebook. Start blogging and writing newsletters online that promote your brand of fitness and advertise your classes.
  7. Entice new clients when starting a personal training business by offering the first class free, or select a high-traffic venue, like a park or beach, where passers by can see your class in action and observe.
  8. Add value to your program by incorporating proper nutrition tips and resources into class instruction.
  9. Starting a personal training business requires marketing. Your training program is your product, so brand it: create a logo or catchy name for your program, design and distribute t-shirts and car stickers to create your own community while others do the marketing for you.
  10. Think outside the box, and outside the gym, for targeting and attracting new clients when starting a personal training business: use social networking on the Internet to offer boot camps for family reunions, corporate picnics, bridal parties, or mommy groups at preschools.

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