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Marketing Ideas for Pet Care Businesses

Tips for your Pet Boarding Business, Pet Grooming Business, or Dog Walking Business

10 Pet Grooming Marketing Tips

Finding fresh and relevant pet grooming marketing tips these days is more challenging because marketing approaches are constantly changing and adapting to new technologies.  There are so many channels available, and deciding which approaches to implement can be overwhelming to the small business entrepreneur. But even in this uncertain economy, acting on proven, pet grooming marketing tips can lead to success. By now, most smart marketers know it is crucial to spend time promoting the benefits of your  products and services and thinking beyond setting up shop and mailing brochures. Effective marketers research and tackle the mediums that fit their marketing goals, permanently keep the successful campaigns, and aren’t afraid to experiment with new resources. Here are our top pet grooming marketing tips that adapt to 21st century water slides .

Tip #1

Implement Diverse and Measureable Campaigns. Write a small business marketing plan. Creating marketing tools such as direct mail brochures, flyers and a website without solid and measureable goals for each instrument can be a waste of resources and money. Spend some time creating a one page strategy for your marketing efforts that addresses who you are, what you do, your customers, how and when you plan to reach them, and your budget.

Tip #2

Create an Internet presence. Build a professional website that is informative and easy to navigate. Decide how your website will work for you as a marketing tool and implement ways to drive traffic to your site, such as newsletters, blogs on and online coupons. In addition, measure and identify traffic to your site using programs like Google Analytics, or employ the use of Internet marketing companies like demandmart that provide measurable Internet marketing solutions for small businesses.

Tip #3

Market to please your ideal customer. Who will benefit from and purchase your products and services? Profile who your ideal pet owners are, and who they aren’t, by identifying demographics, lifestyle and behavioral patterns. Laser targeting your customers and marketing to please those on your ideal customer list will waste less of your time and your marketing funds.

Tip #4

Construct and manage a social media marketing plan with measureable goals. There is an abundance of social media sites out there on the Internet such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (and more companies are joining the ranks daily) that are free to join, and they provide revolutionary marketing opportunities. The key to successful social marketing is not to deluge these channels with unsolicited sales pitches, but to grow networks and engage in mutually beneficial 2-way conversations about your grooming products and services. For inspiring ways to incorporate social media into your small business marketing strategy, read “20 Ways Businesses Use Twitter” to see how some of the big guys in business have been successful with this medium.

Tip #5

Share you passion for your business. Blogging and social media are excellent venues to share your passion for and expertise in your industry. An informative and interesting blog engages customers, prospects, and others in your industry – and a single blog can be connected to multiple online channels that spread your message more efficiently. Also, it is worth checking out and commenting on content by other professionals in your industry. Not only will you learn other pet grooming marketing tips, you may end up landing a guest blog spot on another website, which will only expand your network and bring you more business.

Tip #6

Market to generate discounted products or services trials. Consumers love discounted trials for quality products, especially when delivered with great customer service. Coupons are a super way to impress new customers and convert them to regulars.

Tip #7

Create marketing messages that fuel natural human curiosity. This requires creative, out-of-the-box thinking, but can really create a buzz for your small business. A local jewelry store owner, who targets mainly to men who are buying for their wives or girlfriends, created the tagline “I Hate Steven Singer,” which has been a successful, recognizable marketing slogan for his local business. And there is the famously successful Apple “1984” commercial that had nothing to do with a product or its benefits; rather it created consumer anticipation and Apple’s “game-changing” image that endures today.

Tip #8

Network with another local business to create a mutually beneficial promotion. It is a lucrative endeavor to hook up with a business that offers services that complement yours. For instance, include with your promotion a discount for dog walking services within a certain time frame. Both businesses will share the marketing costs, and your customers will feel like they are getting an added value.

Tip #9

Develop a customer referral program. Today, referrals are more than word-of-mouth recommendations; they can come in many forms. A customer who is active on Facebook and Twitters or writes a regular blog is a great resource to do your marketing for you. Offer incentives and customer loyalty discounts to these clients to help you spread the word about your business and add value to your products and services Aufblasbare Spiele.

Tip #10

Make marketing a daily task. The best pet grooming marketing tips for your business can be meaningless if you don’t implement and monitor strategies regularly. Commit time daily to stay current with trends and evaluate which tools work best for your small business through trial and measurement.

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